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Youth in Crisis

You find yourself sitting at your desk needing to find a way out. The History Teacher is talking about the paper that is due in a week, you look down and see you haven't even started writing your paper. You think back to the fact that you still have one Biology lab, one Math quiz and one Chemistry exam in the same week. The room begins to feel like it's slanting, your palms are sweating, you feel your heart beating faster and your hands begin to shake - how will you escape and find help?

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Supporting a Youth in Crisis

When someone is going through a crisis it can sometimes be very obvious. Other times, it can be really discrete - how can you find ways to support people around you?

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Behind the Scenes of ConnecTeen

A volunteer is going through the application and recruitment process for the ConnecTeen program and goes through a series of events that gets them to supporting another youth in crisis. (i.e. You are so stoked as you have been looking forward to volunteering with ConnecTeen when you turned 15 years old. You have been in crisis before and have used the service in the past to get through some dark times and now that you are feeling better you want to support others who are going through the same thing. The application and recruitment process is a lot more extensive than you originally thought and it's taken you about 2 and a half months before you could even take your first solo shift. Now that you are on your first shift, a youth tells you they are at risk for suicide - how will you support the youth in your new role?

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